4 modifications for your mobility vehicles

Arguably the most important feature when buying mobility cars is that of space. Consider the height of the wheelchair user, the size of their wheelchair, and even the number of people that will typically be in the car with them when modifying your mobility vehicle.

Lowered floors

In order to facilitate wheelchair users, most mobility cars or disabled vehicles have to have their floors lowered. This allows for additional headspace, while the use of large MPVs and other large vehicles, means that there is also additional leg space and floor space.

Seating configurations

While some models have room for the wheelchair and one other person, the most common configuration of mobility vehicles is that of a single wheelchair user and two other people. Larger vehicles may carry three additional people. Vehicles like the Seat Alhambra, include two rear seats, as well as two front seats, which means there is room for five people in total.

Wheelchair access

Another modification that is important is the method of wheelchair access that is provided. Fold out ramps, wheelchair lifts, winches and side chair lifts are some of the options that are available, and which one you prefer typically comes down to a choice of personal preference and the configuration of the vehicle that you buy.

Driver transfer seats

Driver transfer seats are another possible modification in this type of vehicle, allowing the wheelchair user to transfer from their chair into the driver’s seat – perfect for wheelchair users that want the flexibility and freedom of driving their own vehicle.

Modification quality

When buying any modified mobility car, always consider the quality of the modifications. Those that have been modified at home are less likely to offer the same kind of quality and reliability as those that have been altered by a professional mobility specialist. In the same way that you would check any car for details of modifications and changes, ensure that you ask for and receive details of who modified the vehicle to its current state.

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