• In a previous blog “Wheelchair accessible vehicles – A Buyers Guide” we aimed to give people an insight into how they could find the right wheelchair accessible vehicle for themselves without all the heartache and disappointment we have been hearing from customers coming to see us. The frustrations we hear seem to come from the blind alleys they are led down and the roller coaster of emotions associated with thinking they had struck gold only to be disappointed on viewing.

  • It's a complicated journey. I speak with plenty of people looking to buy wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) to know they don't find it an easy process. Some have been looking for over a year and are getting quite stressed with the whole process. It isn't like buying a Ford Mondeo, you can't just punch in the exact model you want and get a hundred results on websites like Autotrader. What you will often get is a trail that can often fizzle out to something you didn't want after getting your hopes up.

  • Just like pebbles on a beach we are all different so guidance never has a specific direction, it is merely steering yourself or another in their right direction. For us, here at Southern Mobility Vehicles, guidance is simply helping you towards the right wheelchair accessible vehicle whether we have it or not. You see guidance isn't biased it's us helping you steer yourself towards your needs or wants.

  • Once upon a time there was a government who was led to believe that a diesel engine was as clean as a petrol engine. The government was so happy it told us all to go out and buy diesel cars so we did. Everyone was happy, the driver got more miles to the gallon and ever expanding servicing intervals and the government was content it had helped us all. Not everyone was happy though and some complained that diesel was not the Utopian solution we were being led to believe.

  • The perfect choice for your new WAV, the Renault Kangoo is a fantastic option at a reasonable price. But why is it such a good option for you? Have a look at these reasons below:

    1. Very comfortable to drive and travel in

    The Renault Kangoo is an exceptionally comfortable drive with very supportive seats and a smooth ride, protecting you from any bumps or jolts in the road.

    2. They are small on the outside but roomy on the inside

  • Kia’s Sedona may not be a model you’re particularly familiar with, but it’s one which the motoring press have been aware of since its release. Winning awards for everything from its exterior to its accessories, this is a model you should definitely be considering if you’re looking at an accessible vehicle which will tick all your boxes.

  • On top of the news that the UK car industry’s output has reached a 17-year high, a list has also been published to acknowledge the car manufacturers that rolled the most vehicles off their production lines in 2016.

    1.7 million vehicles were manufactured across the UK in 2016, an 8.5% rise on the previous year. Let’s take a look at who were the key contributors to the encouraging growth in the UK car industry in the last 12 months:

  • One of the unfortunate facts about buying and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles is the niche market and limited choices that are available. The reality is that most car manufacturers simply do not account for disabled passengers, typically speaking, as the percentage of disabled vehicles compared to standard automobiles is very low. Moreover, the cost of adding support for physically disabled passengers and drivers can be very high.

  • Arguably the most important feature when buying mobility cars is that of space. Consider the height of the wheelchair user, the size of their wheelchair, and even the number of people that will typically be in the car with them when modifying your mobility vehicle.

    Lowered floors

    In order to facilitate wheelchair users, most mobility cars or disabled vehicles have to have their floors lowered. This allows for additional headspace, while the use of large MPVs and other large vehicles, means that there is also additional leg space and floor space.

  • One of the greatest concerns for buyers when investing in a mobility vehicle is that their purchase will have no resale value. While this may be true in some circumstances, there are very simple practices that you can follow to ensure your mobility car still carries a value when you come to sell it.


  • Test driving mobility cars is a critical factor in your buying decision. So it's important to make sure you have a check list handy of everything you're looking for. Read on for our top six tips:

    1. Visibility

    Make sure you or whoever is driving has good all-round visibility to ensure that every journey is as safe as possible. This is especially important when considering ease of reversing mobility vehicles.

    2. Options

  • Choosing the right vehicle to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair can be difficult. There are countless options; whether you opt for a full-size van or a compact MPV, you’ll always be spoilt for choice. But depending on your needs, some mobility vehicles perform better in certain respects than others.

    With this is mind, here are some of the best buys we have on offer:

    Easy parking

  • For families with a child or children in a wheelchair, choosing the right wheelchair accessible vehicles can be complex. If your child is entitled to Motability, you will have your vehicle for five years under the leasing scheme and therefore you need a vehicle that will adapt as your children grow. If you are buying a car outright, you will want to make a lasting and worthwhile investment.

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles have improved the lives of disabled people all over the world. As a result of technological improvements, it is now so much easier to get around. With a painless driving and passenger experience, the world is opened up in a way it certainly wasn’t a couple of decades ago.

  • When you’re looking to purchase a mobility car, it’s important that you choose the right one for your specific needs. There are a lot of factors that should be taken into account and we’ve put together some top tips to help you make the right choice.

  • Your mobility car is a lifeline to you, and you’ll find that its lifeline status is recognised by many others, who will provide exemptions to mobility cars, as long as they’re transporting a person with mobility difficulties. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the ways which mobility vehicles can provide you with exemptions which will hopefully make your life even easier.

  • Within the last decade there have been several major technological breakthroughs with regards to wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as environmentally efficient electronic cars. However, thanks to the ambitious endeavours of entrepreneur Stacy Zoerm, British motorists can soon expect to see the first-ever electrically powered vehicle that has been specifically designed for wheelchair users!

  • At this time of year especially, mobility vehicles play an important role in keeping some people going - as the cold and icy winter weather can cause conditions to be treacherous. Whether it's trips to the local supermarket or getting out and about to see loved ones over the festive and New Year period, specially adapted mobility cars can provide a lifeline, that helps disabled people in particular get from A to B.

    With this is mind, we've created some simple tips to help you keep your mobility car healthy this winter:

  • When it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), for many years automotive manufacturers Ford have dominated the market due to their ability to combine competent vehicular capabilities with comfortable passenger amenities. What's more, in recent years Ford have begun to design and develop various technological features which have improved the ride quality of wheelchair vehicles for drivers and their passengers.

  • Here at Southern Mobility Vehicles in West Sussex, we’ve sold hundreds of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) to disabled clients and their carers.

    Aside from the obvious work and lifestyle benefits of owning a WAV, our customers have also identified in feedback to us that their new vehicles have enabled them to get out and explore some of the area’s most popular tourist destinations; places of interest that were formerly inaccessible to them.

    Here are just three south-east hotspots our customers have visited in a Southern Mobility Vehicles WAV.

  • If you intend to purchase a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) then there are several essential support features in which you may consider investing. By choosing a mobilty vehicle that has been specially modified with these support features, you can make it significantly easier for you or any disabled persons in your care to enter and exit your vehicle.

  • A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a serious investment, so is something you need to think about carefully. Perhaps you already have one, and don't feel that it meets your needs, for whatever reason.

    WAVs can be split into three separate, general size classes - small, medium, and large - each with its own unique features and plus points. Here at Southern Mobility Vehicles we carry a wide range of WAVs, so we should have something just right for you.

  • The ability to drive makes a huge difference to the lives of thousands of disabled people across the UK. Mobility cars can be driven by carers, friends or family members, and in many cases disabled people are able to drive the vehicle themselves.

    There are a number of considerations you should make before committing to a purchase, in order to ensure you drive away with a vehicle best suited to your needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you need to think about.

  • We know – this is the type of phrase you might hear from estate agents in a sitcom while they try to squeeze surprised potential buyers into a cupboard and persuade them it’s a box-room! Here at Southern Mobility Vehicles in West Sussex, we also know that having enough space to operate in, and the option to also comfortably seat family or friends, when using your WAV is an extremely important factor in your vehicle choice.

  • As wheelchair accessible vehicle specialists, constantly working to provide as many mobility car solutions as possible for wheelchair users, and superb WAV options for our many clients with disability right across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire, we are always pleased to be able to offer a superb quality VW Transporter.

  • Every now and then at Southern Mobility Vehicles in Sussex, we acquire a specially adapted model that really excites us – like the VW Caravelle that has just come in, for example! We know what our customers look for in a wheelchair access vehicle, and this pristine Volkswagen model certainly ticks all the right boxes in that regard; it is packed with features that will appeal to many of our disabled customers.

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