Ensuring your mobility vehicle carries a resale value

One of the greatest concerns for buyers when investing in a mobility vehicle is that their purchase will have no resale value. While this may be true in some circumstances, there are very simple practices that you can follow to ensure your mobility car still carries a value when you come to sell it.


Wheelchair accessible vehicles need to be regularly maintained, not just to protect the resale value, but for the safety of those using the vehicle. Speak to your dealer about regular servicing, where a qualified professional will check your mobility vehicle’s suspension, brakes, and tyres to confirm it is road safe.

To go the extra mile, Southern Mobility Vehicles offers a comprehensive 12-month Autoguard Premium Warranty, which includes breakdown and recovery assistance as well as servicing for the many thousands of parts that make up your wheelchair adapted vehicle. It is wise to use a specialist with vast experience in the field of mobility vehicles to ensure you receive comprehensive cover for any eventuality.

The resale process

For disability vehicles and their unique mechanisms, it is important to use a dealer that has experience in both buying and selling in this field. Valuation is not an exact science as depreciation can be difficult to calculate, and so the dealer will play a great role in how much you will eventually receive for your vehicle.
Southern Mobility Vehicles has great experience in buying and selling all kinds of disabled-access vehicles, and so are more than capable of making an accurate valuation and finding a buyer for your vehicle. SMV can also help you find your next purchase, taking your individual needs into account.
We aim to offer a stress-free purchase and sale process, while getting you the best deal and vehicle for your needs.

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