Helpful features to invest in when purchasing mobility vehicles

If you intend to purchase a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) then there are several essential support features in which you may consider investing. By choosing a mobilty vehicle that has been specially modified with these support features, you can make it significantly easier for you or any disabled persons in your care to enter and exit your vehicle.


Whether it is operated manually or electronically via a remote-controlled device, a wheelchair ramp is a highly efficient, cost-effective and easy to operate feature that can be fitted to a mobility vehicle. When purchasing a vehicle that has been fitted with a ramp you should pay close attention to the length and angle of the ramp in question. It can also prove beneficial to purchase a vehicle that has been fitted with a spring-loaded ramp, because this device will be easier to raise and lower when needed. By paying close attention to these factors, you can select a vehicle that features an easy-to-operate ramp which is best suited to the particular brand of wheelchair that you or your passengers own.


Similarly to ramps, lifts are highly useful features of mobilty vehicles that facilitate easy and rapid access into and out of vehicles. Although these lifts are more efficient than ramps, they are often more expensive to install. Moreover, if you purchase a used WAV that is fitted with a lift, then it is worth bearing in mind that you will need to arrange an annual service to assess the safety and efficiency of this device.

Restraint belts:

If you are loading a wheelchair onto a vehicle, then you can use a restraint belt to lock the wheelchair in place in order to minimise its movement whilst in transit. When purchasing a vehicle with restraint belts you should scrutinise the front and rear belts, and verify that the front wheelchair restraint belts are self-locking and adjustable to suit different brands of wheelchairs.

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