How to go about selling your wheelchair accessible vehicle

One of the unfortunate facts about buying and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles is the niche market and limited choices that are available. The reality is that most car manufacturers simply do not account for disabled passengers, typically speaking, as the percentage of disabled vehicles compared to standard automobiles is very low. Moreover, the cost of adding support for physically disabled passengers and drivers can be very high. Nevertheless, you can leverage this fact when you go about selling your wheelchair accessible vehicle. Southern Mobility Vehicles is able to sell your car directly to other wheelchair dependent drivers and passengers.

A good tip for the selling process is to be as specific as possible. By listing service dates, colours, condition, mileage, and a host of other factors, you make your car easier for us to sell to a much-needed recipient. At Southern Mobility Vehicles, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you get an excellent deal. To ensure this, one of our Southern Mobility Vehicles specialists will expertly assess your car for you.

While we strongly recommend that you use our site to help sell your car, there's nothing wrong with casting a wide net. We support your prerogative to ensure a speedy sale that gives you a good price for your wheelchair accessible vehicle. If you have your own network of people — such as a sports team or club – asking them to help you sell your car is a great idea. However, do your research and be sure to cover all your bases, you want to make sure you receive an offer you deserve, and one that matches the value of your car.

If you're interested in selling your car with a reliable organisation, contact us at Southern Mobility Vehicles today. We ensure that you're getting a price that is within the ballpark of what you would expect for your wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

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