An introduction to Ford's forward-thinking WAV innovations

When it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), for many years automotive manufacturers Ford have dominated the market due to their ability to combine competent vehicular capabilities with comfortable passenger amenities. What's more, in recent years Ford have begun to design and develop various technological features which have improved the ride quality of wheelchair vehicles for drivers and their passengers. Given that our Southern Mobility Vehicles team are dedicated to informing our customers about the latest mobility vehicle innovations, listed below are some of the technologically proficient features that you can expect to find in Ford's innovative Tourneo Custom and Tourneo Connect models:

1. Remote control central door-locking systems

Although many WAV models possess central door-locking capabilities, Ford have gone one step further and implemented a new locking system that enables drivers to open one individual door via a switch on the driver's door without automatically unlocking any others. Passengers can remain safe and secure inside these Ford WAVs at all times while individual passengers enter and exit at their particular destinations.

2. Efficient braking mechanisms

In addition to being fitted with a highly proficient anti-lock braking system (ABS), Ford have also devised an Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) system which balances the braking of a WAV between the front and rear of the vehicle, depending on the amount of passengers inside. This highly advanced braking system enables WAV drivers to benefit from advanced braking and steering stability, regardless of the amount of passengers they are transporting and the conditions of the road upon which they are travelling.

3. Improved driver controls

Ford's Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is an innovative technological system that continuously monitors the progress of the WAV model in question. Not only will this advanced driving system reduce your stopping distance but it also possesses the ability to automatically correct your road position if your driving line begins to skid; thereby significantly improving safety conditions and equipping drivers with enhanced vehicular controls.

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