Kia Sedona WAV Guide

Kia Sedona – Quick Facts

  • Manufacturer: Kia
  • Model: Sedona 1, 2 or 3
  • Price Range: £10,000 to £22,000
  • WAV Size: Large
  • Vehicle Dimensions:
    • Power up to 192bhp 0-60 mph from 10.9 secs
    • Fuel economy up to 42 mpg

Autocar rated the Kia Sedona 3/5 stars

"appealing no-nonsense honesty"

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Kia Sedona Overview

When the Kia Sedona first entered the UK from Korea it was an unknown marque for most. This presented some problems for the buying public. The large seven seat MPV, or people carrier, offers individual seat removal and a 2.2 diesel 192bhp engine. It's available with both a manual or automatic gearbox, but the automatic has always been the preferred option. Residual values on second hand models were low, despite high level specifications. This is especially true on the level 3 model. This model includes leather trim, electric driver's seat and zoned air conditioning. Level 1 and 2 specifications on the Sedona's were by no means meagre. Sharp-eyed mature customers realised they represented good value. The unknown was of course reliability. But Kia soon won the buying public over when they introduced a seven year warranty in January 2010.

Today Kia is a household name. Their iconic seven year warranty has inspired other manufacturers. But none have yet committed to more than five years. Most Kia owners would agree they have received top-notch service and support from main dealers when making claims. The Kia Sedona's reliability means more people are buying in confidence.

Kia Sedona WAV front of vehicle

Why The Sedona Is Good For WAV Conversions

WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicles) converters spend large amounts of money on research. So when a vehicle turns up that lends itself well to having a lowered floor it quickly becomes popular. The Kia Sedona is one such vehicle. It has legendary status in the wheelchair accessible vehicle market place. Its substantial entry height, around 57" (145cms), allows converters to create a WAV with good entry height and a level floor. The floor length is approximately 75” (190cms) so it can fit the largest and longest of wheelchairs.

The low entry of the Kia Sedona lends itself to a shallow gradient rear ramp. Meaning wheelchair users can feel safe and confident as they enter the vehicle. The large tailgate and lowered floor means wheelchair users do not suffer the visual exposure associated with some WAVs. Meaning they can move through the vehicle with confidence. Its excellent build quality means extra grab handles and interior roof bars can be added with a good solid foundation.

Kia Sedona WAV rear ramp

Desirable Features in a WAV Conversion

The Kia Sedona is popular with wheelchair users and scooter riders alike due to its interior space and comfort. One of the most popular features of the Kia Sedona is the seating. The seven-seater Sedona lends itself well to minimal modification to the internal seating. It is one of the few WAVs that retains two full size rear seats. The wheelchair user feels a part of the passenger experience, unlike many other WAV conversions. Making it the ideal family car, which is still comfortable for those long journeys.

Wheelchair users are able to keep their driving independence with some key modifications. The electric remote tailgate and opening ramp on the Sedona level 3 mean wheelchair users can access the Sedona on their own. A Ricon 6-way driver's seat base is another popular addition. Allowing the wheelchair or scooter user to enter the car and transfer to the driving position with ease.

What Type of User is The Kia Sedona Good For?

The Kia Sedona is perfect for those who are likely to be travelling with families or pets in the vehicle with them. Its large space means you can add the largest wheelchair or scooter and still have plenty of space. You can even remove the two rear seats giving yet more room in this spacious vehicle.

Wheelchair users often seek the car experience. This is what they will find in the Kia Sedona. It has a comfortable ride as well as feeling light and airy inside. Long journeys are a relaxing and peaceful experience. In part thanks to the ample powered engine and automatic gearbox. The powerful engine is excellent for overtaking. Your driving position is a good height, which so often adds to the overall good feeling the Sedona brings to its driver and passengers.

Short journeys too are pleasurable. Although fuel economy is not the best in the marketplace, the trade-off for comfort is well worth the extra running costs. Our advice is to choose a level 3 Sedona, the extras are well worth it.

Kia Sedona WAV interior image

How Many People Does The Sedona Seat?

The Kia Sedona is classed as a large wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). It can comfortably seat four occupants plus a wheelchair user. The wheelchair user sits between the remaining two rear seats, or further back depending on preference. There is also the upfront version of the Sedona. This features three passenger seats plus a wheelchair user in the front passenger position.

It's also possible to seat two wheelchair users along the lengthy floor. But we recommend you explore this option before buying. Some minor modifications would need to be made before you can use it in this way.

Kia Sedona wheelchair access car rear interior

Which Converters Convert The Sedona?

The Sedona 1, 2 and 3 were all converted by many of the top WAV converters in the industry.

Upfront Kia Sedona

The upfront Brotherwood conversion of the Kia Sedona is one of the most sought-after WAVs. It's a clear favourite for the wheelchair user who wants to sit next to the driver. The price for this clever conversion can be quite high. They're also a rarity as the original buyers have a tendency to hold onto them.

Kia Sedona WAV interior upfront wheelchair

Rear WAV

Another popular Brotherwood conversion is the rear WAV. In this version the wheelchair user sits in-between the two rear seats. Brotherwood have moved the two rear seats apart to allow wider wheelchairs to fit. Converters Lewis Reed have carried out a similar conversion, moving the rear seats apart.

Kia Sedona WAV interior rear wheelchair

Infront Passenger

Lateral created an infront passenger front door entry conversion. But this doesn't suit all wheelchair users due to the limited access. As a result this conversion suits the lighter, smaller wheelchair user. But for the right person it is the perfect conversion. With the wheelchair user infront this conversion retains all five rear seats plus the driver seat. Meanwhile the wheelchair user gets the best seat in the house.

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