New car concept provides electronic vehicles for wheelchair users

Within the last decade there have been several major technological breakthroughs with regards to wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as environmentally efficient electronic cars. However, thanks to the ambitious endeavours of entrepreneur Stacy Zoerm, British motorists can soon expect to see the first-ever electrically powered vehicle that has been specifically designed for wheelchair users!

Known as the 'Kenguru' car, this revolutionary automotive concept was discovered by law graduate and fellow wheelchair user Stacy Zoerm, who felt constrained and confined to urban city living due to the fact that she was relying on her wheelchair for mobility and had to live close to her place of work. After researching mobility cars online, Stacy discovered the Kenguru concept; a compact range of mobility vehicles that had been designed in Budapest but which lacked the necessary funding to evolve into a viable business. With Stacy's fundraising efforts, the Kenguru concept was able to generate over $4 million from investors and is now in production due for a UK commercial release in the near future.

What sets the Kenguru car concept apart from other wheelchair adapted vehicles is the fact that it can be driven directly from a wheelchair. Simply access the vehicle via its rear-opening tailgate and then proceed to operate the car via handlebars similar to those you would find on a conventional motorbike. Moreover, due to the fact that the Kenguru will be classified as a scooter, British motorists will only need to obtain a motorbike/scooter driver's licence in order to operate it.

Although the Kenguru will only have a maximum speed of 45mph and a 30 mile range on a single charge, it serves as an important landmark with regards to technological advancements for mobility cars. After all, as Stacy herself states;

"Every single day, I get emails from people who visit our website and say “This is going to change my life. Thank you.” That lightens my load. It’s a reminder of why I’m doing this.”

Ultimately, with more and more investors and automotive manufacturers focusing their efforts on improving the current range of mobility cars, wheelchair users can soon expect to benefit from an expanded and modernised fleet of vehicles from which to choose throughout 2016 and beyond!

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