Save yourself money on toll crossings

Your mobility car is a lifeline to you, and you’ll find that its lifeline status is recognised by many others, who will provide exemptions to mobility cars, as long as they’re transporting a person with mobility difficulties. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the ways which mobility vehicles can provide you with exemptions which will hopefully make your life even easier.

The Servern Crossing

Heading to Wales via the Severn Crossing? If you’ve got a blue badge, you don’t pay the toll charge. Drive up to a toll booth, and show your blue badge to the person at the desk. The blue badge holder must be in the vehicle. They will ensure that it’s valid, and may record your badge details, before allowing you to cross free of charge. If the vehicle itself is classed as “Disabled tax exempt”, it can cross for free, even without the badge holder on board. As long as the vehicle is used for transporting disabled people, and exempt from VED, you’ll cross for free. That’s a saving of up to £20 per trip, depending on your vehicle size.

M6 Motorway Toll 

The M6 toll is free to use for disabled people, but you must do your homework first, and obtain a Mobility Exemption Pass. Those who are on the higher rate of disability living allowance and have a road tax exempt vehicle can apply for the pass by calling 03306 600790. This can save you up to £11 on your journey.

Dartford Bridge and Tunnel

A journey on the M25 often involves a trip over Dartford Bridge or Dartford Tunnel. Recently upgraded, a computer now photographs every vehicle crossing over the bridge or tunnel and logs the registration plate number. People who have to pay can either set up an account in advance and the charge is deducted from their balance each time they cross, or wait for the bill to come in the post. If you’re disabled, you may be exempt from paying the charge, as long as your vehicle is classed as VED exempt. If it is, you won’t receive a bill for each crossing your vehicle makes.

Humber Bridge

A crossing over the Humber Bridge is not quite as modern as the Dartford equivalent, but could still be free for disabled drivers. If you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA, and your car is VED exempt, you can cross for free. You don’t even have to be the driver, just travelling in the car. However, you will need to do some preparation beforehand. Get a copy of the exemption form, and return your complete application with a copy of your VED exemption certificate to receive a book of 20 free crossing vouchers. If you need more vouchers, just apply again.

Hit the road and enjoy happy travelling in your wheelchair accessible vehicle!

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