Six tips for test driving mobility cars

Test driving mobility cars is a critical factor in your buying decision. So it's important to make sure you have a check list handy of everything you're looking for. Read on for our top six tips:

1. Visibility

Make sure you or whoever is driving has good all-round visibility to ensure that every journey is as safe as possible. This is especially important when considering ease of reversing mobility vehicles.

2. Options

See what is fitted as standard in the vehicle, and what you might have to add on at a later date. It's best to make sure that all your essentials are already fitted as standard, so you can start using your mobility vehicle straight away.

3. Seatbelts

It sounds like a small thing, but having a seatbelt that's easily reached is a big plus point. A difficult-to-reach seatbelt can quickly become a daily bugbear.

4. Find the Right Vehicle for you

Depending on what you're going to be using the disabled vehicle for, making sure you test drive more than one vehicle, will give you a better understanding on which one meets your needs, and suits your needs best. 

5. Adjustment

In order to ensure total comfort for the passenger of the mobility vehicle, there should be a certain amount of adjustability so that seats can be adapted and moved to fit their needs.

6. Comfort

It'll be a big part of your daily schedule, so it's critical to make sure that your vehicle is as comfortable as possible. That means checking the driver's comfort as well as that of any passengers.
So if you're planning on test driving mobility vehicles any time soon, keep our handy list in mind. It'll help you make the right all-round decision and drive away with a mobility car that suits your every need.

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