Three ways to keep your mobility vehicle healthy this winter

At this time of year especially, mobility vehicles play an important role in keeping some people going - as the cold and icy winter weather can cause conditions to be treacherous. Whether it's trips to the local supermarket or getting out and about to see loved ones over the festive and New Year period, specially adapted mobility cars can provide a lifeline, that helps disabled people in particular get from A to B.

With this is mind, we've created some simple tips to help you keep your mobility car healthy this winter:

1. Regular checks are vital for your mobility vehicle

Once a week get your oil level, tyre pressures and windscreen washer fluid checked. If they need to be topped up, do it promptly. Some retailers even offer free health checks for your car for the winter - take advantage of these services, especially when they’re free of charge!

2. Don’t leave your car out in the cold

Some people usually only use their wheelchair vehicle for short journeys. If this sounds like you, make a point of taking your vehicle out once a fortnight for a longer drive to allow the engine to warm up properly. As well as helping keep mobility vehicles healthy in winter, this will actually improve your battery life.

3. Keep your mobility vehicle clean

Grit and salt are great for roads, but they’re not great for your mobility vehicle. Mud and melting snow can stick grit salt to your car and can actually speed up the corroding effects. Get your car washed regularly, and pay particular attention to the wheel arches and underside; corrosion doesn’t just affect the paintwork!

These three straightforward, regular actions could help you avoid costly garage bills, and keep your vehicle running well throughout the winter months, and beyond!

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