We're all Doomed!!

Once upon a time there was a government who was led to believe that a diesel engine was as clean as a petrol engine. The government was so happy it told us all to go out and buy diesel cars so we did. Everyone was happy, the driver got more miles to the gallon and ever expanding servicing intervals and the government was content it had helped us all. Not everyone was happy though and some complained that diesel was not the Utopian solution we were being led to believe.

Other governments came to power and made diesel fuel more expensive, raised road tax but still the great British public stricken down by rising fuel costs continued to buy diesel cars. Even the luxury marques strived to make them quieter, more economical and much more powerful.

Then one day the locals started to gossip; there were rumours. Had we been deceived? How could this happen!? Who could possibly have known that diesel; oily, less refined and smelly before it was burned could be worse for our environment than the perfume that is petrol?

Cynical maybe, but the bottom line is it is easier to look back and see we were misinformed although like Brexit it doesn’t really change anything right now and worry will only stop us leading our lives and cause unhappiness. Maybe now we will begin to think about the future of the vehicles we own but it’s important to remember that diesels do have advantages as well as disadvantages and a decent diesel engine can be a pleasure to drive and still easier on the wallet. No-one should dismiss them because they aren’t going to disappear in a hurry despite how much shouty noise comes from government and lobbyists.

The truth is that in the wheelchair accessible vehicle market the majority of vehicles are diesel and why should we stop buying them just because loud voices are suddenly saying they are bad, it wasn’t that long ago when they were the best thing since sliced bread and that hasn't really changed. If you are thinking about buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle, consider how long you are likely to own it for and, is a large scale ban likely to happen and if so when because it won’t be soon, it just isn’t possible. Lives still need to be led and you still need the freedom that wheelchair accessible vehicles give so why delay your happiness?

All to often the story we hear from customers is "I've been looking for a petrol auto for over a year now" well the news is not good so we have to be the bearers of bad news and ask them to consider diesel autos to widen the options; they really aren't that bad, we are just being told they are. Now where have we heard that story before...

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