What size WAV is best for you?

A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a serious investment, so is something you need to think about carefully. Perhaps you already have one, and don't feel that it meets your needs, for whatever reason.

WAVs can be split into three separate, general size classes - small, medium, and large - each with its own unique features and plus points. Here at Southern Mobility Vehicles we carry a wide range of WAVs, so we should have something just right for you.

Small WAVs - Kia Sedona

A small WAV is the most popular type, and is generally a specially converted, family style car, such as the Kia Sedona. These vehicles can normally fit between two and four people, as well as the wheelchair user, and often have a lowered floor to give more headroom, as well as making access that bit easier. Small WAVs are usually fitted with a ramp at the rear for wheelchair access. These are great vehicles for general use, such as commuting and small scale shopping, with limited passengers.

Medium WAVs - Volkswagen Transporter

Medium WAVs are normally converted, small vans, such as the Volkswagen Transporter. Some vans of this size will have a lift at the rear instead of just a ramp, but it depends on the model. Medium WAVs can seat up to seven people, including the wheelchair user, but sometimes more. They're great for family outings, camping holidays, hobbies requiring more space, and for those with large dogs to accommodate.

Large WAVs - Renault Master

You guessed it, large WAVs are larger still. You're looking at something like a Renault Master conversion, which can have multiple interior options, whether you need to seat lots of people or you need more storage space. Full camper van options are even available. Large WAVs almost always come with an electric tail lift system, and are great for those who regularly take large groups for outings or even need their vehicle for work purposes. The main consideration for these vehicles is parking space.

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