Why Buy From Us?

Just like pebbles on a beach we are all different so guidance never has a specific direction, it is merely steering yourself or another in their right direction. For us, here at Southern Mobility Vehicles, guidance is simply helping you towards the right wheelchair accessible vehicle whether we have it or not. You see guidance isn't biased it's us helping you steer yourself towards your needs or wants. We aren't afraid to explain why a vehicle isn't suitable for you before you come and see us or, that we don't have what you want because we want to make sure you end up with the right vehicle and we do not want you to visit us under false pretences.

The happiest customers end up in the right vehicle or they leave us to find what is right for them elsewhere; either way they leave happy. We want you to come to us in confidence and know you can walk away if we don't have the right vehicle and come knowing you either will, or will not find your wheelchair accessible vehicle with us.

When we buy a vehicle for our forecourt we apply our many years of experience in deciding what to stock. There are some vehicles and converters that are a no no for us, no brands or names, just be safe in the knowledge we won't stock them in the first place. All the vehicles we buy are low mileage and well looked after and when they arrive with us we have a rigorous checking process which begins with a thorough valet. We then check them over for any damage, missing parts and ensure everything works for our customers to see for themselves. Of course we aren't perfect so anything we miss and you spot we will of course put right before you take delivery.

Every vehicle without exception will leave us with the following:

  • At least 2 years comprehensive warranty with unlimited claims and unlimited mileage
  • 2 years recovery to include roadside recovery, onward travel and home start
  • At least 6 months MOT or we renew it
  • A cam belt replacement if required
  • An appropriate PDI service
  • A manufacturer's recall check
  • A valet before we deliver the vehicle to you free of charge*

*please ask us about delivery over 100 miles from us

I hope you can see that we do buy the right vehicles in the first place and then make sure we prepare them as best we possibly can for you to view them. Then and only then do we photograph them and take a video walk around for you to see online. Your peace of mind is always our priority from the moment we buy a vehicle to the moment it is sold and beyond.

Knowing everyone is their own pebble we always do everything we can to ensure your viewing experience is as good as it can get because that will always lead to a confident buying experience if, of course, we have the wheelchair accessible vehicle that suits your needs and wants. We know you aren't buying your dream car but at least you can be confident of a dream like experience rather than a nightmare you may have already experienced. Why not put us to the test, what have you got to lose?

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