Meet The Team

  • Elliott
    WAV Adviser
    Elliott is our newest team member and has slotted in perfectly with our small family here at Southern Mobility Vehicles. Elliott's varied role involves lifting anything heavy and fixing our computers and phones us oldies can't manage! Whilst some of that is true of course he was really taken on for his excellent interpersonal skills and his experience in dealing with customers face to face as well as on the telephone. We really did need another friendly face to greet the growing number of visitors to our yard. Elliott says, grinning like a Cheshire cat, I love to meet people, it's all about trying to put a smile on a customer's face during what is usually a very difficult time for them. He also adds that he's pretty good at making tea and coffee too! Making all our visitors welcome and helping them to feel at ease is our absolute priority here at SMV and we are thrilled to have Elliott on board. "Uncle" Elliott's favourite things to do are to spend as much time as he can with his niece and being a human sponge he loves to learn about anything that interests him.
  • Peter
    The Boss
    Peter has over 50 years experience in the motor trade and now more than 14 years experience buying and selling only wheelchair accessible vehicles. Peter says, it all started when a colleague needed a wheelchair accessible vehicle or, WAV, as they are sometimes known, for a close relative in need. After an extensive search they found the right wheelchair accessible vehicle and the reaction they got when they delivered it was a life changing moment for them all. From that moment Peter vowed he would only buy and sell wheelchair accessible vehicles and he has never looked back. Now almost 15 years on he is still passionate about providing only the best wheelchair accessible vehicles from the best converters in the UK so he knows his customers can be confident they are buying from the right company. Peter is a family man and enjoys waving his arms around in true Italian style whilst cooking his favourite dishes for all the family to enjoy!
  • Patrick
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    Patrick joined Southern Mobility Vehicles in 2016 looking for a career change and he has never looked back saying it is the best job he’s ever had. He says it’s very different from financial services but it’s still always about the people and making sure they end up being recommended the right solution for their needs. Patrick is the Sales and Marketing Manager for the business, but he jokes and says it’s just a title. He still washes cars, sweeps the yard and makes the tea and coffee saying it’s all hands on deck in a small business like this. Whatever needs to be done to make us the best we can possibly be is crucial in our business he says, because after all we are dealing with people who aren’t coming to buy the car of their dreams. He says, it’s up to us to make all our customers as welcome as we can and give them a relaxing experience when they come through our gates looking for a WAV. Patrick’s interests revolve around his local beach and enjoying his granddaughter Amelia as often as possible.