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  • The Tosca – lowered floor
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 2
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 3
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 4
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 5
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 6
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 7
  • The Tosca – lowered floor 8

The Tosca – lowered floor

The sleepy hamlet of Tosca nestles deep in the stunning region of Emelia-Romagna and lies south west of Parma in Italy. Tosca, resilient and humble, is the ancestral home of our Managing Director’s family and elevated at almost 2000 feet, sits over a stunning panoramic vista that must be seen to be believed. The second of our two signature conversions, the Tosca, is our lowered floor conversion based on the Ford Tourneo Custom Titanium X. We strived to ensure that any wheelchair user boarding from the rear would feel a desire to be in the Tosca before they touch our uniquely designed ramp and every forward movement into the Tosca should feel like it was meant to be. Over the last few years we have gone to great lengths in designing every aspect of the Tosca to ensure maximum comfort and security for all wheelchair users, drivers and seated passengers alike. Whatever your position in the Tosca you will feel at home with our choice of ramps, floor lengths and seating arrangements which can include the original Ford Isofix seats. You can rest assured we can build what will work for you because we bespoke design all our vehicles around your needs and wants. We have listened to what you wanted for 15 years and have studied every different WAV inside out before we designed ours. Together with Ford’s solid build and our quality conversion, your new WAV oozes value for money against most everything converted for wheelchair access in the marketplace. The Tosca was thoughtfully designed around wheelchair user entry, presence and exit, a comfortable journey with a cossetted feel inside with comforts unparalleled in most wheelchair accessible vehicles. Thankfully the Tosca has all the wealth without the prohibitive cost so you can have an understated but spirited WAV outside your own home. The Tosca will accommodate most wheelchair users who needs the extra headroom up to 59” inside. Below is a summary of the model options available for the Tosca.

The Tosca x – A shorter lowered floor for the L2 model giving full wheelchair user access via 3 different ramp options and seating possibilities

The Tosca xs – A full length lowered floor for the L1 model giving full wheelchair access via 3 different ramp options and up to 5 passengers 

The Tosca xl – A full length lowered floor for the L2 model giving full wheelchair access for 2 wheelchair users via 3 different ramp options and up to 6 seated passengers

The Lucca – our level floor X

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