Lauretta Magliocchetti

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We are delighted that Lauretta has joined our team here at Southern Mobility Vehicles. Lauretta has been working with us behind the scenes as one of our developers and enjoyed working with us so much she wanted to join us on the frontline. She is the perfect fit for us, and we are thrilled she decided to settle with us, and she is the ideal team member.

Originally from Rome, Lauretta is Italian, of course, and she moved to the UK in 2015 to settle permanently with her partner. Lauretta also works closely with him in her other role, and together they make a fantastic team; we know this because they have been working with us for over three years.

Lauretta is a multi-talented ball of energy who is naturally curious, and this natural curiosity means she is quick to learn. Lauretta is an avid people person too and was very keen to meet all our prospective customers and help them find the suitable WAV for their needs. When Patrick (the Operations Director) mentioned they were looking for someone with a wide variety of skills, Lauretta’s hand went straight up.

Unfortunately for the other team members, Lauretta’s love of food, especially pizza, means that the office average waistline has increased substantially, but who can resist an all-Italian Lasagne, Tiramisu, and exquisite pastries!

Lauretta needs to be busy and would happily admit that her life is now more complete as she can keep going for even more hours of the day. As she says, being on the move constantly means she can also stuff her face with food! Luckily, she can get away with that, but our belts are groaning!

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lauretta dancing salsa

Interestingly Lauretta is a bit of a nerd, too and has been an avid World of Warcraft player and is well-ranked. She was a Night Elf Tank Warrior, whatever that is! Everything fantasy, she loves!

Lauretta loves Cuban Salsa, too and has been dancing since 2009. This aligns with her inability to stop moving; she finds this an excellent release for a busy mind.

Aside from dancing, Lauretta used to practice Ashtanga yoga and Krav Maga. With the possibility of a fiery Italian temper, and a martial art at her disposal, Lauretta keeps us in check and very busy, too; we love being mothered and bossed about! As they say, behind every man is a good woman, which has never been truer than it is at the SMV Ltd office now.

In truth, between Lauretta’s incredible organising skills and her brilliant creative side, we are truly fortunate to have her bounce in every day and get us off on the right foot with some delicious delicacy freshly baked and lively chatter. Working together feels like a second family, and we are lucky to all get on so well.

Customers are always welcomed and have already enjoyed Lauretta’s working style. She is deeply empathetic and works specifically to match the needs of our visitors to the best WAVs for their needs. Lauretta has mastered dealing with many wheelchair users and their families and carers very quickly and is a natural in a complex industry.

Lauretta’s second love after her partner Pete is Tucker. Tucker has four legs and is a mixed-breed Romanian orphan she adopted a while back.

lauretta tucker

Lauretta is a human sponge, absorbing everything she can, and there is a lot to learn in our industry and every wheelchair user is different, so by paying close attention, Lauretta puts our visitors at ease and always aims to make an arduous task as easy as possible. After all, she knows this is not a fun thing to do and is a valuable need, but the result of the freedom a WAV brings cannot be beaten.

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