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Welcome to Southern Mobility Vehicles - The Used WAV Experts

A Guide to Used WAVs or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Welcome to Southern Mobility Vehicles - The Used WAV Maestros! At SMV, our core revolves around providing solutions to your mobility needs, and we specialize in used wheelchair accessible vehicles. Dive in, and let's explore the vast world of mobility!

Delving into Approved Used WAVs for Sale

SMV stands tall as your go-to hub for all your used wheelchair accessible vehicle demands. Our range of used wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale, spans top-notch second-hand mobility cars and WAVs from prominent brands like Ford, Peugeot, and more. New to the concept of WAVs? Head over to our New to WAVs section to get a gist.

Our commitment? To align you with the ideal vehicle that resonates with your unique needs and financial limits. Whether you’re a wheelchair warrior or facing mobility challenges, our seasoned squad is here to guide you to your perfect WAV match. Entrust us, as numerous others have, in this journey to find not just a vehicle but an extension of your freedom.

Why SMV is a Cut Above the Rest for any Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Considering the plethora of used WAV dealers out there, what sets SMV apart? Our passionate team is dedicated to crafting a bespoke experience just for you. Every customer, every need, every preference is unique, and we appreciate these nuances. Our primary aim? To understand you, so we can serve you better.

And that's not all! Alongside our extensive collection of second-hand WAVs, we're known for our competitive prices, adaptable finance plans, and unparalleled customer care. Got queries? Our team is ever-eager to clear your doubts and pave the path for an informed choice.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Unveiled

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, or WAVs as they’re popularly known, are cars reimagined and restructured. The're designed to empower wheelchair users, facilitating easy access and travel, whether they're taking the wheel or enjoying the ride as a passenger. Elderly individuals with mobility scooters also find WAVs incredibly accommodating. Keen to dig deeper? Our What is a WAV section beckons you!

Fun Fact: Did you know that there's a multitude of options in WAVs? From used automatic WAVs for those who prefer an effortless drive to used manual WAVs for the traditionalists - there's a used WAV vehicle for everyone!

Unearth Hidden Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Gems with SMV

We pride ourselves on offering a medley of second-hand mobility vehicles, from used wheelchair accessible vans to used automatic wheelchair accessible vehicles and even second hand mobility cars. The array is expansive and diverse, ensuring there's something for everyone. See our best WAV resource here or the different types of WAV here.

Looking to buy? Our vast inventory often features a used WAV for sale that might just be the vehicle you've been dreaming of! Or perhaps you're interested in the more specific niches, like used manual wheelchair accessible vehicles or second-hand wheelchair accessible cars? SMV has got you covered.

Your Journey Begins Here

In the grand tapestry of used WAV sales and used WAV vehicles, Southern Mobility Vehicles (SMV) emerges as a beacon of quality and trustworthiness. Our narrative is simple yet profound: helping you find freedom on wheels whether through Motability or owning your own WAV. Because, at the end of the day, isn't it all about the journeys we embark on and the memories we make?

If you are local to us, we can help you with a home demonstration for complete peace of mind. Why not start your journey with the best WAV people in the industry. Dive into the world of second-hand WAVs and used wheelchair accessible cars with SMV. After all, the open road awaits, and who better to traverse it with than Southern Mobility Vehicles?

Get in touch and let’s steer your journey in the right direction. Because with SMV, every drive is a new story waiting to be written. Contact us here.

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