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The task of acquiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle often comes when you least expect it. It is time-consuming and even a little daunting, so where do you start if you need a little extra financial help?

Our WAV finance is there to help you to get the ball rolling should you need that extra financial help on buying a new or used WAV. You don’t have to use the calculator. You can speak directly with one of Pegasus’s Finance advisors. Just ask; we are here to help.

We are here to make acquiring a wheelchair-accessible vehicle as worry-free as possible. We chose Pegasus Finance because we want you to be looked after as we look after you.

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Below is what you are looking for and where to start

This page is all images showing you what to expect once you find the WAV you want.

You’ll find the Pegasus Finance calculator on all the WAVs on the “Used WAVs” page under the “Finance” tab below the photos and other media. You don’t need to know exactly how much you’ll need to borrow; a Pegasus Finance advisor will help you with that once they receive your application.


Now enter the amount you estimate you may need over your preferred term; you can easily adjust this at the next step or later on when you speak with a Pegasus Finance advisor. This is your first step towards some financial guidance, and you are not committed to buying or financing even when you have completed the whole process.


Next, after you have pressed the calculate button, you will be taken to our link page with Pegasus Finance. Here you will be shown example costs based on the amount you are looking to borrow over your preferred term. You can adjust the figures here to see how much the costs might be; these can easily be changed later.


The next step is where you will need to enter some personal details. Your details will help Pegasus Finance advisors begin to understand who you are and your needs. Being as accurate as possible will help them get a better picture of you and help you get to the best rates available.


Scrolling down the page, you will see a little more detail is required. Don’t worry if you are retired or aren’t working; Pegasus Finance understands our customers’ needs and why they are looking for a wheelchair or scooter accessible vehicle.

Once you have completed your details, you will see a free text box where you can add further information you think might help a Pegasus Finance advisor with your application. Anything you feel you’d like to let them know about your circumstances will help them to help you. Once you are satisfied you have done as much as you can, press the green button.

After submitting your application, you will have completed the initial stage to find out more about what you can borrow and over how long. It’s as simple as that and below is the message you will see.


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