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About Us

Here at Southern Mobility Vehicles we are always looking for ways to help customers find out more about wheelchair accessible vehicles. Below you will find useful documents and website links to pages we think will help you on your journey. This page is very much work in progress and we will add to it in the future. Feel free to give us a call if you need any help, we always have a gentle approach to our customers.

  • Terms and conditions for sale of motor vehicles
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  • SMV - Our Proposition
    Here at Southern Mobility Vehicles all our customers receive Our Proposition at the earliest opportunity, so you will know exactly how we operate, what you can expect and what we do for all our vehicles all on a single page. We hope this will be your peace of mind when you visit us regardless of whether you buy from us or not.
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  • Help Me Find My WAV
    You can download this handy help sheet so you can consolidate all your needs and wants for your potential wheelchair accessible vehicle purchase. It's all on one page and we hope it will save you time and help you narrow down the possibilities when you are looking for WAVs. Please call us if you need any help.
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  • VAT Exemption - WAVs
    This is the HMRC VAT exemption form for customers buying wheelchair accessible vehicles which needs to be completed if you decide to buy from us. Don't worry we have plenty of copies, we just thought you'd like to see it.
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  • VAT Exemption Form - Other Goods
    Download and keep this form handy for buying eligible goods exempt from VAT if you qualify. Most people do not realise you can do this for many things, for example your car service.
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